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Custom Built Computers


When you want a computer that is tailored to suite your specific needs and you want to know it's built to last an Integrity Custom Built Computer is the way to go. On the custom PCs that we build, we install only "premium parts" not the most expensive or the cheapest, but parts that have been rated by hundreds of other computer professionals as being top quality parts.


We look for the highest rated parts available to build your next computer and break the charges down as follows: whatever the cost of the parts & shipping are, it will only cost you a flat build fee over that for the price of your new PC.


By doing it this way you will know, without a doubt, you are getting what you have paid for

"A Top Quality Computer"

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Custom Ordered Laptops

When you are in the market for a new laptop and you are uncertain which one would best suite your need. Allow us to sit down with you and analyze the wants, needs, and desires you have of your new laptop. We will do the searching for you and give you the best options available to meet your requirements.

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When your computer is acting up and you are uncertain what the error is, or if your not sure if it's worth fixing, we can do a $35 Diagnostic test. This will allow you to make an informed decision. If we do the repair or you purchase a new computer, we will apply the diagnostic fee to the repair or purchase.

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When your computer is not performing as well as it used to, and seems very slow to open a program or go to the Internet, we would perform a $175 Tune-Up. First, we would do a complete hardware scan to make sure things are working properly.  Next, we would check the health of the Operating System by doing several different procedures. We now offer an annual tune-up $150 for our returning customer.

 Lastly, we would give you a technician's report that would allow you to make an informed decision on what steps could be taken to further increase the performance of your computer, i.e. add more memory, a new network interface card, or discus the Internet Service Provider options in your area.

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A Reformat is a "BIG" undertaking that no one looks forward to, but when done right your computer comes out running better than it did when it was new. You get a one on one conversation with the technician performing the reformat to identify your wants, needs, and concerns about the data you need saved.


Now lets talk Turkey, there are two kinds of reformats: the first kind is the one where you bring in the system disks that came with your PC and have us reinstall them with all the trial version software that was on your PC when you first purchase it. The second kind is our Integrity Reformat. With our Integrity Reformat, we save as much of your data as possible, usually that's 100% of it. However when a hard drive has gone bad or a virus has run amuck on your computer, data is sometimes lost for good.


With our Integrity Reformat, we install the Operating System and all the drivers, updates, and software needed for the PC to run properly, plus some software to help you keep the PC running clean. We will also talk to you about the best antivirus protection to install on your PC and why. Lastly, we give you a technician's report that would allow you to make an informed decision on what steps can be taken to further increase the performance of your computer, i.e. add more memory, a new network interface card. We will also discuss the Internet Service Provider options in your area. All this at a cost of $250 and with a Norton Antivirus installed and configured for just another $60.

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In-Store Labor


For those times when you need a part installed or upgraded i.e. adding memory, a new optical drive, or sound card, the hourly rate is $50.

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On-Site Labor


On-Site work is $75 per hour. You get the technician's undivided attention at the location where the problem is occurring. This allows for a better chance at fixing the problem where there maybe multiple issues.

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Networking Homes / Homes Offices or Small Business are a labor of love for us. It is always great to see a network system work efficiently. The hourly rate for this service is $85 per hour.

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Express Service


$50 Express Service Fee puts your computer on the bench right away, ahead of other computers with the exception of other Express Service jobs that came in prior to yours. Express Service does not guarantee a completion date or time.


With our Express Service, we do everything possible to complete your machine in a timely manner, but to give a guaranteed completion date or time before looking at the depth of the work would be irresponsible and for integrity sake we do not do that.


Thank you for your understanding.  

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Norton Antivirus


To install and configure Norton is a flat rate of $60.

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Data Transfer


Date Transfer is $60 plus the cost of the media to put the data on.

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Laser Toner Cartridge Refill


In most case we can refill cartridges for just  $45. but it will vary with the price of the recharge kit. Call ahead with your cartridge part number for a more accurate price quote.

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Faxing or Printing


Faxing of Printing is 25 per page.

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We give a 10% discount on services to Active & Retired Military Personnel.

We also give a 5% discount on services to our senior  citizens 62 yrs and older.

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