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Integrity.PC.Computers is a different kind of computer store than you have ever been in before. For starters, our mantra is "PCs that are built to maximize your performance “not” our profit" Now what does that mean? Well, it's very simple, on the custom PCs that we build, we install only "premium parts" not the most expensive or the cheapest, but parts that have been rated by hundreds of other computer professionals as being top quality parts.  


We look for the highest rated parts available to build your next computer and with our "Part Plus Pricing" we break the charges down as follows: Our Economical PC is parts plus $275 so whatever the cost of the parts & shipping are, it will only cost you $275 over that for the price of your new PC. Our Home / Home Office PC would be parts plus $375 and our Office Pro PC would be parts plus $475. By charging this way you know that you are getting top rated parts in your new computer.


Why do it this way? We have seen too many other computer builders that set a price to what they think the market will bear, then install parts that let them maximize their profit.


At Integrity.PC.Computers, we pledge that any PC that we build, we will give you a breakdown on the cost and shipping of your computer's installed parts. You will know, without a doubt, you are getting what you have paid for,

 "A Top Quality Computer."


We give a 10% discount on services to Active & Retired Military Personnel.

We also give a 5% discount on services to our senior  citizens 62 yrs and older.


We are now performing non warranty Mac repairs.


Now when you are having Issues with your Mac products you no longer  have to travel to get them looked at. We now have a Experienced Mac technician to work on your Mac Pro, Mac Book & Ipads.



To see how are customers feel about our services please go to our Testimonials page.




What are you looking for in Sales • Service & Support?


Why buy a custom built computer? A custom built computer is built to your individual needs! Why pay for components you do not want or need on an off the shelf computer when you can either save that money or put it in to making your computer the best it can be.


When you purchase a new Desk Top or Lap Top computer,  do you know exactly what you want or need in your new PC? Some users do, but many users think it's an alien language when sales people start talking computer techno geek. Here at Integrity.PC.Computers we take the time to talk with you and decipher the techno geek in to plain language you can understand, this allows you to determine your needs and make an educated decision. Then we walk you through the process of designing your new custom computer.


Is that computer on the shelf the salesman is showing you, the answer to your needs or just the computer special they are pushing that day? Here at Integrity.PC.Computers we do not stock any new custom computers. Our computer are truly built one at a time for each individual customer, not just a computer we designed and say here it's the custom PC for you.


When you have questions on your new computer do you feel confident you will get the help you need? At Integrity.PC.Computers when you have a question about your computer you get to talk to the person that built the computer for you, not a person in some far off land reading off a script  that only knows how to work a keyboard.


Please feel free to stop by the shop and see what we can design for you!!


To see how are customers feel about our services please go to our Testimonials page.


A computer with an Internet connection is a window to the world. You can go anywhere, see and study anything you like. There is no limit on where it can take you. The hardest decision is where to start. If we can help you with your computer needs please call on us.




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